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We are a consulting company led by MIT alums with extensive experience in analytics and information technology. We cover the full cycle of big data analytics, from business problem definition, to solution design to implementation. We believe there is a need to better understand how big data analytics can help executives and business owners solve concrete problems in their industries. And we plan to address that need, starting with the Brazilian market.

What is big data analytics?

big data and analytics

Although there is no universally accepted definition for big data, in our opinion we are in the presence of big data when the data is so complex or voluminous that to analyze it, we need a solution that runs on multiple computer servers.

Analytics, on the other hand, is the use of proven mathematical and statistical models to solve common business problems by extracting useful insights from data. The problem to be solved can be in many different domains. Typical questions that analytics helps answer are: Which are the traits I can use to identify my best customers? What products is a given customer more likely to buy? or Which machine on my shop floor is more likely to need preventive maintenance in the next two weeks?

Big Data Analytics is simply the intersection of Big Data and analytics. Instead of being hampered by the sheer volume of complex data generated by your day-to-day business, you can deploy advanced predictive analytics to discover new opportunities hidden in the big data

There is significant empirical evidence that data in great volume increases the quality and value of analytics predictions.

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